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It televises less gained 45.6 percent in first trimester of the 2007
It televises, the bigger mass media company of Latin America, announces the EU his net benefit in the first trimester ascended to 733.6 of pesos, about 66 million dollars a 45.6% less than in the same months of the 2006

Between January and March of this year, the Television chain obtained total income of 8,231 million weights (748 million dollars), 5.9 percent more than in first trimester of the past year.

The gain of operation before depreciation and amortization rose in a 4.4 percent, when being placed in 2.367 million weights (215 million dollars), needed the company in its financial report.

It televises said that the net sales were increased by majors invoicings in the television via satellite, television by cable, export of programs and publishing houses, increases that partially were compensated by falls in the sales in open television and the publication distribution.

On the other hand, the smaller net gain had to majors expenses, to an increase in the participation of the losses of affiliates, to an increase of the minority interest and in the increase of the tax on the rent.

It televises indicated that the administration advice approved to propose in the following assembly of shareholders a payment of an extraordinary dividend by 4,405 million weights (400 million dollars that will be pleased the 31 of next May.

It televises it is the greater Hispanic mass media company of speech of the world and maintains 70% of the hearing in Mexico. In addition, it publishes and it distributes publications, films and it operates a vestibule of Internet.


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