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TV3 begins to emit in high resolution in phase of tests
The Catalan autonomic TV was pioneering in incorporating the emissions in original version with the dual system. Also in the tests of the TDT and now it is the first chain in Spain that emits in high resolution

The beginning of these emissions in high resolution (HDTV in English) in period of tests is realized through channel 43 of the UHF one in the province of Barcelona, in which the first emissions of TV3 in TDT began.

Smart Joan, chief of a main directorate of the Catalan Corporation of Ràdio i TV (CCRTV), announced weeks ago that “Now this multiplexado channel we will take advantage of it HD and to repeat the signal of TV3 and the 3/24”, has explained Amadeu Gassó, director of operation of TVC resources. In declarations to Newspaper of Catalonia, Gassó assures that the idea is to initiate the emissions “with a package of programs of two or three hours daily, that will be repeated throughout all the day, and little by little to be extending these packages”.

One of the problems of the HD is the one of the productions: a small part is only recorded with this system. But in TV3 already they have assured a good number of hours. This it is the case of productions like the Pyrenees DES of l'aire, and series (Fashionable and Àngels i Sants).

Also there are series of cartoons in HD (Them three bessones and Lola and Virginia) and the catalog of films of the major Sony-Columbia, besides about 50 titles of co-productions and several telefilmes. “Also we have two panoramic cameras of HD at the top of the Tower of Sabadell, that offer spectacular images of the north and the south of Barcelona”, it points Gassó, that indicates that this first step looks for to present a system that the majority has heard speak, but that never has seen.

“For that reason, we are meeting with companies of the sector so that they commercialize the decoders of HD, and with great surfaces, so that they put a television of HD of sample with our programming of tests”. “They are tests, but this does not have return back and from the 23 of April the intention is to be emitting every day more production and paralelamente to promote it enters the consumers”.


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