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The Ecuadorian channels of Hispasat return to codify themselves
Telecuador, Channel the 1 International, Ecuavisa the International and Ecua TV have abanadonado their emissions in abierto and return to be encriptadas under the conditional access Irdeto

This is the nth time that the package of channels of Ecuador, which they can be caught through 30º the West, returns to close their signal.

They emit in the frequency 12.094-H MHz (MR. 6820, FEC 7/8).

The important presence of the Ecuadorian colony in Spain has served that at the moment the Hispasat satellite transports the signal of these channels of Ecuador, that in spite of not comprising of any supply of television via satellite, yes are it of several mesh wirings.

The paradox that Ecuavisa the International also is in another frequency of the same satellite, in particular in 12.100-H MHz (MR. 3000, FEC 3/4) but in this case in open occurs.


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