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RTN Myestate emits now also in English through Astra
One is a thematic chain, also accessible through Internet, dedicated exclusively to the inmobliario sector with the diffusion of images of supplies of houses

RTN Myestate emits through the frequency 12.148-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4) of the position 19,2º This of the Astra satellites.

Its walking began does a little more a month but only under the German language. Now the audio one in English is addition

In its programming the posiblidad to the viewers interested in some supply in contacting by telephone occurs. Also it offers considered houses of luxury and buildings in zones of vacations like the Balearic Islands, very appreciated by the Germanic public.

RTN Myestate has for some time their British version through the position 28,2º This, with the same contents.


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