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The Hispasat satellite already has a supply of payment of Ecuadorian channels
The most popular channels of Ecuador can be seen through satellite positioned in 30º the West with the acquisition of a decoder that already takes integrated the conditional access Irdeto, necessary for their reception

Ecuavisión is the name of the receiver via satellite necessary to receive and descodificar the channels of Ecuador. The One International, Ecuador TV and Ecua is Channel TV, that at present they emit codified under the system of conditional access Irdeto, but that some months ago could attract in open through Hispasat, in the frequency 12.093-H MHz (MR. 6821, FEC 7/8).

This new supply of the pay television has a particularitity that the difference of the rest of the well-known ones. In order to be able to accede to these channels it is only necessary to have mentioned the receiving Ecuavisión and the oriented antenna to the Hispasat satellite. In addition it is not necessary to pay monthly payments. The decoder already takes integrated the conditional access Irdeto, and in addition it also allows to receive the rest of channels that they emit in open through Hispasat, more than 50.

58IR is a decoder Atlanta ADTH, that allows the memorization of a hundred of channels, all of them already pretuned.

The price of the receiver to be able to accede to these Ecuadorian channels is of 179 Euros (IVA including) without the necessity, like already we have aimed, to have to pay quotas later.

Telecuador Ecua TV Channel the 1 International


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