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Digital+ starts up the sport broadcastings through moving body
The platform of television beginning by Sogecable and Vodafone Spain the past month of December, will emit for the first time in Spain a bullfighting fair in direct through movable telephone

The emission will be through Canal+ movable Events, new channel of Sogecable that is gotten up to the movable supply of DIGITAL+ as of Thursday 26 of April. With the emission of the Fair of San Isidro in the moving body, Sogecable and Vodafone start up a pioneering experience at international level that reunites in itself the centennial tradition of the bullfighting celebrations and the new technologies.

Movable Canal+ Events will offer from different Thursday 26 of April Soft historical bullfights selected by Manuel, Person in charge of the Area of Bulls of Digital+, like previous to the emission of the Madrilenian Fair that begins the 10 of May.

The users of Vodafone live! that they wish to only follow the Fair of San Isidro through his telephones 3G they need to enter the section of TV within Vodafone Menu live! , and to accede to movable DIGITAL+. Once to select to movable Canal+ Events there.

Three new channels in Digital+móvil

Next to Canal+ Events, other three new channels arrive to extend the movable supply of DIGITAL+: Canal+ movable Deportes, Canal+ movable Comedy and Ticket office X. movable Canal+ Deportes are born like a specific channel to pick up all the sport present time. On the other hand, Canal+ movable Comedy will emit a selection of the best programs of humor of Canal+ and comes to add itself to the supply of movable humor of DIGITAL+ that from February includes Guiñoles channel. Finally, Ticket office X will emit films of cinema for adults.


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