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The United Kingdom leads in Europe the number of TV chains
The United Kingdom is, with a total of 360, the European country that presents/displays the greater number of television channels being the platform via BSkyB satellite the one that has the supply amplest respect the rest to operators

The European observatory of the Audio-visual one assures that the United Kingdom leads the list of European countries with greater number of channels, according to data to date of 31 2006 July.

This number contrasts with in the fact that Digital Sky (BSkyB) supply through the orbital position of 28,2º This, more than half thousand of chains. However, more of a hundred of these chains they are not original of the United Kingdom but they basically comprise of its supply destined to the ample population immigrant who lives in the country.

One of these chains is ResponzeTV. One is a company with soothes in Hong Kong dedicated to the sales by television, before well-known like Average Pacific. Responze TV is the last one of the chains that Integra in the British market when creating a new channel in the BSkyB platform.


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