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GlobeCast celebrates his tenth anniversary with delegations anywhere in the world
Been born in France of the hand of France Télécom, GlobeCast was the first integrated supplier of audio-visual transmissions by world-wide scale satellite

GlobeCast has celebrated his tenth anniversary in Fertile valleys on the occasion of hall NAB 2007. Indeed now for ten years and in the same scene. France Télécom announced the creation of GlobeCast, producer of the fusion of its audio-visual activities in France and their Keystone branchs Communications (the United States) and Maxat Limited (the United Kingdom).

The new set was at that time the first integrated supplier of audio-visual transmissions by world-wide scale satellite. During these ten years, the international presence and the activities of GlobeCast have increased considerably.

The society now counts on 20 offices and established technical centers in Europe, all Amércia, Africa and Asia. The society operates a network of satellite and optical fiber that covers the entire world.

In ten years, GlobeCast has happened to be a true specialist of the audio-visual diffusion and the management of contents. GlobeCast today offers to the diffusers and the companies all a range of services, from the digitalization, the aggregation and the lodging of audio-visual contents to its transmission by satellite and optical fiber.

GlobeCast distributes content on all the types of networks or platforms, like the television by satellite telegraph, it, the television on PC, the terrestrial digital television, the TV on ADSL or also the TV on moving bodies. GlobeCast provides, in addition, to the diffusing transmissions in direct for the effective, sport cover or of the news, in normal quality (SD) or high resolution (HD).


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