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Eutelsat surpasses the thousand TV channels in the position of 13º This of Hot IBRD
The thematic television is represented widely, with a 73% of chains, of which they excel dedicated to the cinema and the fiction with a total of 136, followed by those of sports with 93

With more than 1,000 spread digital chains at present in 13º This of the satellites Hot IBRD, this geosatacionaria orbit of Eutelsat it is recognized like one of the first world-wide poles for the diffusion of the television.

This ample catalog is constituted by chains that spread in 40 languages different pertaining to a group of forty from countries of Europe, of Africa Septentrional and the Middle East.

The thematic television is represented widely, with a 73% of chains. By categories they are those of most numerous cinema and fiction, 136 chains. They follow those to him of sports, with 93 chains. Those of the news they add 73, whereas those of documentary they are 65 chains.

Half of the chains almost can attract in open and the rest is codified.

Before the evident growth of the number of chains in the satellites Eutelsat Hot IBRD, the number of homes equipped of oriented satellite dishes towards 13º This it also follows progressing. Thus, one has gone of 111 million homes in 2004 to 121 million at the end of 2006. Of this number, 40% (47.5 million homes) are of direct coupled receiving (DTH).


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