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The satellite Hot IBRD 1 of Eutelsat stops its services
Hot IBRD 1 is put outside geostationary orbit after in the middle of the decade of years 90 it marked the opening of the commercial position of Eutelsat in 13º This

The 16 transponders in Ku band of this satellite have totalized more than 1.5 million hours of operations. Sent March of 1995 in good condition, Hot IBRD 1 entered spreading channels in anaólgico later to realize the transition to digital system DVB bajola norm MPEG2.

The satellite Hot IBRD 1 finalized its mission in 13º This during the year last, after the entrance in good condition of Hot IBRD 7A, also of Eutelsat.

Hot IBRD 1 has parked now in a nonoperative orbit following the recommendations determined by the Committee of Inter-Agency Coordination for the space remainders.


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