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The consumption of TDT during March reached 5.7% of the total
During the month of March, the Spaniards saw of average 9 minutes less than television than in February

The consumption of television in Spain through system of terrestrial digital emission (TDT) increased four tenth, until 5.7% of the total, while the cable improved another means point until 11%, while the satellite lost two tenth, with a 5.7% of consumption.

The reductions in the consumption were generalized in all the public and all the provinces, with the exception of the Balearics and Catalonia, according to the data facilitated by Windward Communication, where the television consumption increased one and nine respectively minutes.

In addition, the nonconventional television also increased its quota of screen to the detriment of the generalist one, until 13.3%. In particular, the thematic channels closed the month with a 10.1% of quota, which equals its better historical result, while the local chains and the denominated “others” lost one tenth in comparison with the last month, 3 and a 0.2% respectively.


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