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Kudelski accuses of piracy to the salesmen and users of Dreambox receivers
The Swiss, creative technological group the system of conditional access Nagravisión and also present proprietor of Mediaguard, is had to fight battle against the use of the Dreambox decoders

Thus one comes off an interview to the Swiss newspaper “SonntagsZeitung” in which the Swiss industralist André Kudelski attacks the salesmen abiertamente and end users of the popular receiver that operates under the operating system Linux.

Kudelski justifies its attack more because the repector mentioned one facilitates the piracy and the illegal access to the digital platforms via payment satellite, and, in particular, the prote'ge's by its two systems of conditional access, Nagravisión and Seca Mediaguard.

The intention of the Kudelski group happens to take before the courts to the salesmen of Dreambox receivers with the aim of preventing that this terminal can be sold allowedly. Judicial activities that could continue later against the use which the users do prevailed of the Dreambox.

Recently Swiss justice has condemned two selling programmable card stores that could be used for the illegal vision of codified channels of payment. Also, the police stopped to a resident citizen in Bern to accede from its house to several platforms of payment with the use of the receiver Dreambox DM-500C.

Kudelski could extend this legal war to several European countries and more, after confirming itself that the systems of conditional access of their property, Nagravisión and Seca Mediaguard, are at present most vulnerable in Europe.


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