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Extremadura TV already can be seen anywhere in the world through Internet
The base of the programming of Extremadura TV is the own production of Extremadura Channel TV and several exclusive programs of the international channel

Extremadura 20:30 h., Afternoon of Extremadura, In Their Point or the Island of Friday is some of the programs that have been made popular already between the frontier dwellers who live outside the region. Now, also they are going to enjoy these contents in the rest of the world through the page Web

The spectators of Extremadura TV can follow in real time all the programs and the broadcastings that become in direct from Extremadura. A great opportunity to live the day to day of the region from any point of the world.

One is an original and variable programming that counts on exclusive programs for the emission through Extremadura TV. The own programming will be progressively gotten up to the grill of Extremadura tourist, gastronomical, architectonic TV, programs that deepen in the cultural wealth, of our Community.

Extremadura TV is a project that it looks for to present our community as it is. A channel with 24 hours of emission, that is framed in the context of Extremadura Mark, and is born with the vocation to become a window of Extremadura the world and to show the reality of our region, its patrimony, its culture and its people.

Due to the international character of Extremadura TV a programming has been designed whose redifusiones allow the spectators who reside in different countries to accede to their favorite programs without the different hour strips are a disadvantage.

Extremadura TV initiated its emissions 12 of February, agreeing with the special ones of the Carnival that Extremadura Channel realized TV. Now, in their eagerness to approach Extremadura which is outside their borders, the emissions through Internet begin agreeing with the special programming that the autonomic channel is preparation for Easter.


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