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Sex View +12 celebrates its first year with the beginning of a new channel
HQ Home Cinema High Quality, a new chain of High Quality, will begin to emit the next month of June, adding itself to the dozen of channels for adults dedicated each of them to a different variety

The 15 of April of 2006 took these 12 channels under the mark Sex View +12 through satellite Eutelsat Hot IBRD (13º This) in the frequency 12.360-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4), all of them codified under the systems of conditional access Viaccess, Irdeto and Omnikrypt.

In that date they started up Sex View XXX, Sex View Extra, Sex Extra View, Sex View DP, Sex View 247, Sex View In, Sex View Of, Sex View It/Amateur, Sex View Fr, Sex View Inter, Sex View Special and Sex View Gay.

These channels emit during the 24 hours of the day productions coming from Europe and the United States. Of this form the amplest existing supply of television channels with programming for adults through hot bird, never rather, satellite Hot IBRD was increased still more.

Spent all this time, now their people in charge have decided to add a new channel of High Quality, also of thematic for adults, but who will not begin their emissions until the month of June.

Fight against the piracy

In spite of using a codification considered like very safe, in some precise cases hackers has managed abrir of illegal form the codification system. However, the carried out countermeasures by the own package of channels in all the cases have turned out to be very positive having been able to fight the fraudulent vision of these channels, very attractive for the type of spectators who wish concrete contents.


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