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The Venezuelan chain Lives already emits by the satellite Hot IBRD
More than 350 local televisions in Spain they begin to yield space of its programming to spread the signal of the public chain of Venezuela, that also offers a selection of its programming in Italy

It is in the strip between the 17.00 and 20.00 hours (hour of Madrid) comprising of the programming of the channel Rainbow TV, that emits in the frequency 11.541-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).

The circumstance occurs that in this same channel also offers during several hours of the day in alternative schedule the programming of Telesur.

It lives generally offers an infantile programming of informative, divulging, cultural and educative spaces for the public and hearings in particular.

These local chains, integrated in G-9 Group, have reached an agreement with the Embassy of the Bolivariano Government of Venezuela to emit in Spain “journalistic programs of documentary style in which the processes of popular organization are exposed which they take place in Latin America” like “Reporter of the South”, others dedicated to the “Latin American or global social movements” (“Half World”), and “those that approach the fights and profits of the towns indigenous (“News Native”), the collective farmers (“Without edges”) and workers (Informative Labor)”.

It is, this one, the first time that can attract in Europe the channel Lives, a new chain in Spanish, who began his walking in Venezuela in 2003.


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