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EuroNews expands in Near East and Africa of the North
The international channel of the news more seeing in Europe begins to emit in open through satellite Eutelsat Sesat, in the position of 36º This to distribute in 25 countries of Near East and part of Africa

The presence of the channel of the news in these zones responds within the framework to the pact reached with celebrated Orbit operator of MIPCOM 2006 in Dogs between days 9 and 13 of past October.

Orbit will emit exclusively the channel in 12 countries including Bahrein, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, and without exclusive right, it will distribute EuroNews in other 13 countries like United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Cyprus.

The channel will be shortly available for all the digital subscribers of English and French Orbit in, in the basic supply Alpha. This exclusive agreement adds to the supply without comparison in the region of Orbit, located in The Manama, Bahrein, and that offers a great selection of entertainment channels and the news in English and Arab destined to a great hearing in Near East and North Africa.

EuroNews can attract in open in the satellite Eutelsat Sesat (36º This) in the frequency 12.557-V MHz (MR. 8139, FEC 2/3).

Sent in 1993 and with it soothes in Lyons, France, EuroNews covers the international present time from an European perspective.


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