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The Sixth the three purchase next Eurobasket and the World-wide one of Turkey
The private chain takes control exclusively of the rights of the three next Championships of Europe of basketball, will be disputed in Spain in 2007, 2009 Lithuania and that Poland in 2011, and of the World-wide one of Turkey of 2010

The past Thursday, the organizers of the Eurobasket of Spain, that will dispute itself from the 3 to the 16 of September of this year, announced that Sixth she was the possessing one of the rights of broadcasting of this event, after the agreement at which the people in charge had arrived from the televising chain with the Federation the International of Baloncesto (FIBA) and with Mediapro, possessing of the rights of television of this event.

The broadcasting of Eurobasket 2007 will be the third great sport event that will be in charge to cover laSexta, that already was the television network that exclusively offered the parties of the Championship of the World of celebrated basketball of 2006 in Japan, as well as of the World-wide one of disputed soccer 2006 in Germany.

Mediapro will be, also, the person in charge of the pro

ducción of the signal of the 54 parties of this championship, that will be offered to the televisions worldwide. In addition, once closed the agreement, in the next days one will take shape the date of the visit that are to carry out the technicians of Mediapro and laSexta to all the facilities in which the championship will be disputed to examine its possibilities and of elaborating a production plan.

In this way, the chain, that will emit east direct Tuesday in the end of the Uleb Glass between Real Madrid and the Lietuvos Lithuanian Rytas (19: 30 hours), it follows with his intention to take control of events of first level in which it is the Spanish selection of basketball.


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