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Sogecable continues being the referring one of the television by payment in Spain
The last quarterly data of the Commission of the Market of Telecomunicaciones (CMT) reveal that Sogecable agglutinates 79.8% of all the income of the platforms of television by payment

The official numbers indicate that Sogecable had to the December closing 2.044.000 subscribers, slight a 2.7% more than the second trimester of 2006. With these numbers the company quickly monopolizes at the moment only to 57.1% of the cake of subscribers of the television by payment, a number that remains reduced if we considered that it does a little more five years and after the fusion with Via Digitalis, Digital+ was the proprietor without discussion of the market of the television by payment.

The data of the CMT reveal that the growth of the TV by cable and ADSL has undergone an important growth that already locates with a total superior to him to the 1.5 million subscribers. Of this total, ONO it is that it leads with 924,156 subscribers (a 25% of the quota of market) and a growth of 1.8% in six months. It follows Imagenio to him de Telefónica that has grown a 45% in the second semester of 2006 until the 381,000 subscribers, or what 10% of the TV by payment are the same.

As far as income, the dominion of Sogecable continues being overwhelming, since it reunites 79.8% of the total of the market with 399.9 million during the fourth trimester of the past year. It follows ONO with a 12.9% and 64 million to him, Imagenio with a 4.6% and 22.8 million. A second analysis reveals to us that the majors income of Digital+ unlike its competitors who have one better proportion as far as subscribers, can be explained by the greater cost of the packages and because this platform has the great majority of demands of payment by vision.

With respect to the income of the audio-visual services, the last report of the CMT reveals despite, that of 1908 million that se4 they in the last collected quarterly of 2006, only 60 million corresponded to the PPV, whereas half almost corresponded to advertizing income. The case is that a peculiar data is knowledge that during the last trimester of 2006 rented by means of PPV 3.2 million films and about 6.2 million soccers match.


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