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The number of receivers of TDT in Spain surpasses 4.1 million
The sales of tuners TDT in February of 2007 surpass those of the months previous to Christmas, confirming the increasing tendency in the consolidation of the development of the TDT, right to three years of `analogical blackout'

At present, the park of tuners TDT in Spain has been surpassing the 4.1 million units, with 300,936 equipment sold during the month of February, a 152% more than for a year, according to a report of Impels TDT.

The integrated equipment (televisions and DVDs), that supposes 60% of the total of sales in the month of February, consolidates as preferred option of purchase and 38% of the total of televisions sold in February had integrated tuner TDT, 4 points more than the previous month. This percentage ascends until 55%, in the case of the televisions with flat screen.

According to these data, the tendency is extended and consolidated, already initiated in the previous months, in which the homes show preference for equipment integrated in front of the external decoders. These integrated televisions, whose sales in February have reached the 113,640 units, continue increasing to their weight within the total sales of tuners representing 37.8% of the total.

The sale of DVDs was of 50,522 units and they stay like the third typology of equipment chosen by the consumers, after the external TV and decoders. Finally, the PCs that incorporated internal tuner TDT (3.221) and the tuning cards of external TDT for PC (15.586), maintained the level of units sold of the preceding month.

The study confirms, also, that the TDT hearing returns to increase its weight in the Spanish televising market, with an ascent of 4 tenth with respect to the previous month, until reaching 5.7% of the total consumption of television. In addition, it is possible to indicate that the set of the platforms of satellite, cable and DSL, in Spain continues in ascent (in March, its quota of screen has been of the 16,9%, one tenth of point more than in February). These growth have taken place to the detriment of the terrestrial signal analogical, that it reduces his quota until 77.4%.


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