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40 countries catch Extremadura TV in his first week in Internet
From the beginning of this channel through their page Web (, the past 3 of April, have been realized near 5000 accesses from a total of 43 countries

The average duration of each of these connections goes up to around the 20 minutes and add a total of 1,569 hours of television consumed. So that the different hour strips do not constitute a problem at the time of connecting itself from the foreigner, Extremadura TV has designed a programming whose redifusiones allow the spectators to accede to the different programs independent of the hour that is in Spain.

A great number of the internauts who connected themselves comes from the Spanish territory, nevertheless, the page has had pursuit from countries of all the globe. The countries with more spectators in these first days have been Switzerland, Argentina, the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Mexico.


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