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Virgin Average demand to BSkyB by a dispute on prices
Average Virgin presents/displays a demand against BSkyB before the Court Superior of London by the presumed “abuse of its dominant position” of the company of the tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who left to its rival without the basic channels after a dispute on prices

At the beginning of March, Average the Virgin group already threatened denouncing to British Broadcasting Corporation (BSkyB) if within 30 days the company of Murdoch did not act to solve the contentious one faces who them in relation to the emission by first of the channels of their rival.

After the failure of the negotiations between both groups, BSkyB disconnected some of the channels by which it received his Average Virgin programs, that rejecting its supply accuses first of which an independent referee mediates in the dispute between both on prices.

Average Virgin, participated mainly by the British industralist Richard Branson, accuses Digital Sky “to force it” to accept low tariffs by some of its channels, later to increase the price by the reception of its basic channels, Sky 1 and 2, Sky News and Sky Sports News.

The demand of the company of Branson, arisen from the fusion of Virgin Mobile and NTL, the providing major of television by cable of the United Kingdom, tries to solve the dispute by the disconnection while it questions the legitimacy of the imposed prices.

BSkyB has affirmed previously that “it would defend vigorously” if the group of Branson decided “to extend its campaign to the courts”.

(Agencies, 12/04/07)

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