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The autonomic TV Andalusian closed 2006 with the first surplus of its history
The Radio Television of Andalusia (RTVA) closed the 2006 exercise with a surplus of 9.9 million Euros, first that takes place in its history in relation to a complete annuity

This surplus obeys to the fact that the expenses in the past year promoted to 229.045 million Euros and the income to 238.963 million. With regard to the expenses a deviation of 2.3 million took place (a one percent), inasmuch as at the beginning of the exercise they paid attention to 226,64 million (just as the income) and, in the end, have ascended to 229.04 million.

These data will be set out the next Wednesday by the chief of a main directorate of the RTVA, Rafael Camacho, in the meeting of the advice of administration of the chain.

With regard to the expenses, the most important game corresponds with the supplyings, that supposed 86.5 million, inferior to which it was budgeted at the beginning of the exercise, that is to say, 93.4 million, which, according to the same sources, shows a “high control of the cost”, since it has been able to save 6.9 million (a 7.5 percent).

With respect to the income, on the one hand, it is possible to stand out that the subsidy of the Meeting has stayed in 157.857 million that paid attention at the beginning of the exercise, whereas, on the other, the number of businesses ascended to 63.25 million, where it includes like divided major advertizing income of 67.69 million (54.06 by television and 3.63 by the radio).

The RTVA emits through satellite for all Europe with their Andalusia channel TV in abierto by the satellites Astra (19,2º This) and Hispasat (30º the West).

(EP, 16/04/07)

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