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The cost in Spain in payment TV decreases while the one of Internet raises
The Spanish homes spend less in pay television in favor of the consumption of Internet, according to the last data of the Panel of Homes of, dependant enterprise organization of the Ministry of Industry

According to the director of the Observatory, Domingo Laborda, the change must to the new audio-visual uses of the Network and to the search of more complete supplies on the part of the consumer, in particular, those that offer manifolds services that integrate the telephony like the “triple play” or “quadruple play”. On the other hand, the majority of consumers (60%, asked for the study, assures between the reasons not to acquire this service, that “does not need it”, or “they do not see much the television”.

The percentage of homes with pay television decreased in the third trimester of 2006 until 19.9%, 1.2 points less than at the beginning of the year last, until the 3.084.000 total subscribers in Spain. This tendency to the loss is opposite to the attitude of the Spaniards about the new technologies, that they in particular perceive with more interest with respect to the use of Internet. According to the study, made by means of surveys to individuals, a third of the homes is usuary “habitual” of Internet, up to 5.5 million homes, a 13.1% more than the previous year.

On the other hand, the chief of a main directorate of the organism, Sebastián Muriel, indicated that to the consumption of more means and the increasing audio-visual possibilities of Internet, an added gratuitous audio-visual supply with the Terrestrial Digital Television is added (TDT). In spite of the increase of the supply, according to the answers of the users, the relation between the perception of served has improved in the trimester studied, until a 51.8% that affirms “to receive sufficient”, although a third of the subscribers (32.8%) says “to receive little”. A 5.6% say “to receive much”, while a 9.8 percent assures to find “little”.

(EP, 16/04/07)

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