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Total success of sales of receivers of TDT in France
Two years after sending in the Gallic country the terrestrial digital TV, almost 8.2 million TDT receivers have been sold

The official data also indicate a penetration of the new television of 22% of the homes of the French country.

TNT, as it is known there what is the TDT in Spain, has supposed a great success for his implnatación, according to Association TNT.

The French TDT includes to several generalist chains property of operators like Art France, Average Bolloré, France Télévisions, AB Groupe, Lagardère Images, Itélé, LCP-Assemblée Nationale, Nextradio TV and NRJ.

The data also indicate that during this time 2.4 million receivers with double to tuner were distributed by operators of television by ADSL, as Stakes out, AOL, Canal+, DartyBox, Free, Neuf Cegetel or Orange. As far as the cover of signals, the Gallic experts hope that, at the end of this year, 85% of the French territory are covered by the DS. At present this percentage descends to 70%.


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