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Sogecable obtains a benefit of 1.2 million in the three first months
At the end of March, Sogecable accumulates a net benefit of 1.2 million Euros, against the losses of 20.1 million registered Euros twelve months before

In the first trimester of 2007, the Gross Result of Explotación (EBITDA) of Sogecable has ascended to 62.6 million Euros, with a inter-annual growth of 34.1%. The EBIT registers benefits of 23.1 million Euros in the trimester, in comparison with losses of 12.8 million Euros to 31 of March of 2006.

Bet by the quality

Javier Ten of Polanco, Delegated Adviser of Sogecable, commented that “during the first trimester of 2007, Sogecable has managed to both show a new growth in main markets in which operates. Digital+ has increased of its base of clients and registers its greater invoicing in income of subscribers again, almost three hundred million Euros in this trimester. This evolution is been from the decided bet by the quality of the supply of Digital+, that has been seen again increased with new channels and services, especially with the renovation of contents carried out by Canal+, that continues leading the Spanish market of pay television and being the main impeller of its growth.”

“On the other hand, the excellent tendency of the hearings of Four allows us to reaffirm the solidity of our project in the Spanish market of television in open. Having reached his first monthly benefits, Four already are a great opportunity of future for Sogecable”, finalized of Polanco.


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