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Canal+ France changes the codification of its supply in TDT
The French group decides to use a new version of the system of conditional access Viaccess encriptar its signal TNTSAT, the one that is distributed via satellite destined to the terrestrial digital television

In particular, the new system of conditional access that will use Canal+ France for its supply of TDT (TNTSAT) will be the baptized one like Viaccess PC 3.0.

The first receivers to catch the signal of “TNTSAT” will be put on sale as of the next month of June in those zones of the French territory where they are not received via terrestrial the channels of the TDT.

These decoders will only be able to be commercialized in France and their buyers will have to be resident of the Gallic country reason why they will have to credit it previously.

The system of conditional access Viaccess PC 3,0 is one of newest than it adopts the filial company of France Télécom with the objective clear to avoid his vulnerability, as it happens in previous versions.


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