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The subscribers of Premiere will have access to the channels of Entavio
SES Astra announces that the television via German satellite of Premiere payment has reached an agreement so that their clients have access the channels of the future digital platform of Entavio payment

From first from September and with the beginning of the new season, the new clients of Premiere also will be able to receive this package of channels through Entavio.

For it they will be able to acquire the receivers that will give access to this new platform.

This new pact improves the capacity satelitat of SES Astra to propose to all the television channels the access to more than 2.5 million compatible receivers of Premiere and receivers with this operator installed in the Germanic homes.

Entavio is the payment platform that projects SES Astra. In her the inlusión of several channels is prebollard German whom, at the moment, they emit by satellite in open.


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