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Aragon TV will arrive at all Europe by satellite in May
After the beginning in period of tests through Hispasat satellite (30º the West), Aragon TV will begin tembién its emissions by the Astra satellites (19,2º This), integrating itself in the supply of Digital+ in dial 98

Aragon Television initiated with the great appointment of the handball its emissions of tests via satellite, realized by means of a connection to the Hispasat that, in 15 days, will be duplicated with the signal in Astra. Until the 15 of May emission it will consist of the endless curl of Aragonese images of towns that was used a year ago for the starting of the chain.

This 21 of April a year of the first emission of the Aragonese autonomic channel was marked. “The intention - Pepe Quílez commented, director of the chain was to make agree the anniversary with the first emission via satellite and thus he has been made. We are in tests, and these days will serve to prepare the specific programming and to prevent any type with contingency”.

Quílez clarified that “we will go by dial 98 of Digital+ although, in these days of test, only it will be able automatically to tune those viewers who have a satellite dish. Then, from the 15 of May, we will be in this one and all the digital platforms”.

The cover from the 15 of May will be of all Spain and Europe, for which there will be to prepare specific contents, according to clarified Quílez. “We will have all the own production: news, magacines, cultural spaces or sport broadcastings. With documentary series and, we will make a selection, since there is to pay to new rights of emission when changing the scope”.

Quílez explained that “already we are receiving contained specific for this new programming. It is necessary to transfer borders, that are seen us everywhere”.

Now with the incorporation via satellite of the channel, Aragon TV is added to the thickness of autonomic televisions that offer their own versions as it is the case of TVC the International, Andalusia TV, TV Galicia, TeleMadrid the Sat, ETB the Sat, Canary TV the Sat, Valencian TV the International, RTP Asturias and more recently Extremadura TV.


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