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New frequency of The Sport Jazeera in the satellite Hot IBRD
The two chains of sports qatarís also emit now in a new frequency of the satellite of Eutelsat to 13º This, but codified under the new system of conditional access Viaccess 3.0

To the Jazeera Sport+1 and the Jazeera Sport+2 11.179-H MHz can be encontar now also in the frequency (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4) after emitting during several weeks a test pattern of tests in open.

These two channels also offer their programming through other satellites and in addition using different codifications. This the West, codified under 2 Irdeto and Key Fky is the case of the Nilesat satellite to 7°. In the same orbital position, but comprising of the supply of the Showtime platform, To Sport Jazeera 1 and Sport Jazeera 2 they are codified under the system Irdeto 2. In the Eurobird satellite 2 (25.8° This) both channels comprise of the package of Orbit, codified in Madiaguard 2.

In the case of the satellite Hot IBRD 7A (13° This), both channels qatarís are present for a long time in the frequency 10.723-H MHz (MR. 29900, FEC 3/4), codified in 2 Irdeto and Viaccess 2.5.

These channels are very popular inasmuch as they offer in direct the transmissions of several European leagues, among them the Spanish and the Italian.


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