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It impels TDT and ASIMELEC will promote the transition to the TDT in Spain
Both organizations are committed to foment initiatives for the development of the implantation of the TDT

TDT impels (Association for the Implantation and Development of the Terrestrial Digital Television in Spain) and ASIMELEC (Association that groups to the Spanish companies of the macro sector TIC), has signed a collaboration agreement, with the aim of contributing of joint way successfully to develop the process of transition of the analogical television to the Terrestrial Digital Television in our country.

With the company/signature in this agreement, both organizations are committed to foment initiatives for the development of the implantation of the TDT, to the exchange of information regarding the advance of the migration referring to the receivers, collective antenna equipment and emitting equipment; to the improvement of the processes of information and promotion to the consuming one on products TDT, and to the impulse in the infrastructure development of transmission and reception

Also by virtue of the agreement, both parts are committed to maintain the coordination as regards the radioelectric phantom, as well as to promote the development of services advanced on the TDT, besides the audio-visual contents already spread.

It impels TDT and ASIMELEC, conscious of the importance of the institutional support for the good development of the process of implementation of the TDT in Spain, will be in charge to promote it of joint way.

“The institutional collaboration is a main target so that we pruned to reach the objectives of development of the TDT in Spain. The agreement with ASIMELEC will contribute significantly to that the transition process continues advancing successfully”, indicates to Andres Arms, Chief of a main directorate of Impels TDT.

“With the company/signature of this agreement we commit ourselves to unite our efforts during next the three years, in the preparation of the call “analogical blackout” to obtain that as much usuary as companies totally are informed to carry out without problems this change,” declares Martin Perez, President of ASIMELEC.

TDT: Progressive and continued growth

The process of transition towards the TDT in Spain began the 30 of November of 2005, with the beginning of emissions of the 20 programs of national scope and its conclusion will culminate with the last “analogical blackout”, in April of 2010. In the first 16 months of life of the TDT, the advance he is evolved of a gradual and progressive form.

The TDT in Spain tells on a cover superior to 80% of the population, one of highest of Europe. After the past Christmas campaign and the first months of 2007, the park of receivers TDT has surpassed the 4.1 million units, and the hearing has grown of form continued until reaching “share” of 5.7% in February.


The Association for the Implantation and Development of the Terrestrial Digital Television in Spain (It impels TDT), is integrated by the broadcasters of national scope RTVE, Telecinco, Sogecable, Antenna 3, Sixth, Net TV and I watch, the association of autonomic televisions, FORTA, and by the operator of network Abertis Telecom.

It impels TDT, that it has as an aim to promote the TDT and the development of the process of transition in direct collaboration with the Spanish public administrations, the past started up month of December the Observatory of the TDT, integrated in his vestibule Web in Internet where the information of greater relevance associated to the process of transition of the TDT takes shelter and analyzes.


ASIMELEC, Multi-sector Association of Spanish Companies of Electronics and Communications, is constituted in 1984 and at the moment it is the unique employer's association that groups manufacturers, drug dealers, distributers of the macro sector Spanish TIC. Its purpose is to foment and to support the development of the companies that compose this activity in Spain, by means of the defense of their associates and development of the sector.

ASIMELEC represents more than 2,000 companies than they employ direct to 300,000 people and its invoicing almost supposes 3% of the GIP of Spain.


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