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A pocket television will catch chains by satellite and the TDT
The Japanese company of services of movable television by Mobaho satellite! it will commercialize at the end of May in Japan a minitelevision and an audio apparatus of and video of pocket

Both apparatuses will be qualified to directly catch and to receive the radio and television channels by satellite, as well as the digital television terrestrial (TDT) moving body.

This hybrid terminal of 180 grams of Integra weight a receiver and an antenna in miniature that facilitates the pick up of the powerful waves emitted by a geostationary satellite, as well as a coaxial device for the digital chains.

To day of today it could catch twenty thematic or generalist chains and about forty musical channels that Mobaho proposes!

The different programs can be recorded in a memory card SD so that it sees them to the user or it listens it wishes when it.


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