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TNT, the new channel of Turner arrive at Spain the 1 from May
TNT, the new channel that Turner will offer from first of May in Digital+, will be released in Spain with a supply of cinema and entertainment that includes Adult Swim, the new space of animation for adults

The next Tuesday 1 of May begins in Spain the regular emissions of TNT, the channel of entertainment of Turner, that will offer the platform of Digital+ payment exclusively through dial 45.

Spain becomes the first European country in sending this channel thus, one of the most seen in the United States in the market of the cable and Latin America (Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Brazil, among others countries). TNT is property of Turner Broadcasting System, a company of the Time Warner group. Turner also offers in Spain other channels like Cartoon Network, Boomerang, TCM, Classic TCM and Cnn International.

“TNT is to the concept of entertainment in the United States which the Cnn to the information, since both they share founder and they are leaders in his respective sectors”, is outstanding in the presentation to means the director of Digitalis Programming +, Pablo Rosemary, that has also explained that the new channel will benefit from synergies with other companies of the group like Warner and HBO.

Rosemary is outstanding the “enormous effort” realized by Digitalis + to exclusively acquire the rights of TNT” like part of a strategy destined to fortify the platform facing the “war by the hearing” in which every time the pay television plays a more active role, as they demonstrate the indices of hearings (the set of Others at the moment surpasses 12% of quota of screen). “The fact that Turner has chosen Spain for the European launching of the channel” it demonstrates the vitality of the sector of payment in our country”, comments Pablo Rosemary.

TNT appeared yesterday to the average ones like “an urban and modern” channel, directed to a public with age between the 25 and 45 years and “young and innovating spirit”. The supply of TNT essentially is made up of series and American films, but also of other contents varied like docu-realities, concerts and spaces of own production.

According to the director of TNT Spain, Domingo explained Corral, the channel has designed a grill especially directed to the public of 18 to 44 years. At least two daily commercial films, one to the 16,00 hours and another one to the 22,30 hours, this last one will be offered preceded by an American series to the 21,30 hours.


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