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Channel 4 Castile and Leon is the regional TV more seeing in its zone
The television of the Promecal group consolidates its leadership in this community, where seeing is the regional chain more continuously from 2006 beginnings

According to the last data of the General Medios Study (EGM), Channel 4 Castile and Leon is the television more seeing in its independent community, with 1.171.000 spectators, the highest number of this transmitter in the last years.

Channel 4 adminisering extreme unction to Castile and Leon continues its ascending progression in the four last ones, staying ahead and to a great distance of other transmitters.

Channel 4 also strengthens its leadership in the local and provincial scope, emphasizing, among others, the data of provinces like Leon, with 297,000 spectators, Burgos, with 173,000, Avila, with 87,000, Palencia, 92,000, Soria, 31,000 or Valladolid with 295,000 spectators, where they are ratified again like emitting leaders.

Channel 4 emits through Hispasat satellite (30º the West) codified under the system of conditional access BISS.


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