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17.6% of the Spanish homes already have terrestrial digital television
Thus it assures the Association for the Investigation Means of Comunicación (AIMC), that publishes the EGM. In addition, 16.5% of the homes with TDT have the decoder integrated in the television

More of the quarter of the greater population of 13 years it contacts daily with Internet and 40.1% do in a month, although it is not daily, according to the AIMC and the data of the first big wave of the EGM. The radio, television and Internet gain absolute hearing, with respect to the previous big wave. 106,000 listeners register themselves more, 629,000 viewers and 793,000 internauts.

Another spectacular jump is the experimented one by the flat television, that is past, in a big wave, to be present in 7.6% to 10.1% of the homes, which represents a 33% of growth, also attributable to the Christmas gifts, according to the AIMC.

80% of the Spaniards have movable telephone, whereas the availability of fixed telephone in the home reaches to 77.2%. And the percentage of individuals is already a 11.6% that has two movable telephones.


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