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New African channels in the satellite Eutelsat W3A
The last one in getting up itself to the orbital position of 7º This has been the chain of Mali that takes the name of Africable, that is added already to the existing one also of the same country, public television ORTM

Both emit in open the frequency 11.346-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 2/3) of the satellite Eutelsat W3A.

In the case of the public ORTM, this offers generalist contents with the news, sports, culture and music among others aspects. As much ORTM as Africable can be caught in all Europe thanks to the powerful beam of the satellite of Eutelsat. They emit in French language.

To these two exotic chains, coverall by its contents, also adds another one coming from black Africa. TV is 2S, generalist chain of Senegal.


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