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The Astra satellite 1L will be sent to the space in one week
The company of satellites SES Astra completes the details for the launching of its new satellite, the Astra 1L, that will take place next the 3 of May, on Ariane 5, from Kourou, in the French Guayana

The Astra 1L is the ninth satellite of Astra that will send to the Arianespace space and the third satellite of the sent Luxemburgish company with a rocket Ariane 5.

Astra 1L has been constructed by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems (LMCSS). This satellite will be united with the rest of satellites of the fleet of Astra that are at the moment in the position of 19,2º This.

The Astra 1L is equipped with 29 transponders in band Ku and 2 in Ka band. Its mission is the one to replace to the old Astra 1E in the geostationary position of 19,2º This.

The Astra 1E is the oldest satellite of the fleet of SES still operative Astra in 19,2º This. At present he is active to give service only to nine television channels, all of them still under the analogical system. One is Phoenix (frequency 11.009-V MHz), WDR Fernsehen the Sat (frequency 11.053-H), Alive (frequency 11.127-V MHz), Sonnenklar TV (11.464-H MHz), DSF (frequency 11.523-H MHz), Tele 5 (frequency 11.553-H MHz), NDR Fernsehen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (frequency 11.582-H MHz), MTV Germany (frequency 11.612-H MHz), N-TV (frequency 11.641-H MHz) and RBB Brandenburg (frequency 11.656-V MHz).

Initially its launching to the space was predicted for the 13 of April. The estimated time to be sent to the space oscillates between the 22:29 (UTC) and las-23: 13 (UTC).


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