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The European Union has more than 4,500 television channels
The European Observatory of the Audivisual will create a data base of the existing chains in the Member States of the EU in which it will be the realized amplest study to date on the European televising sector

On the occasion of MIP-TV 2007, the Main directorate of the Communication of the European Commission has announced that has ordered to the European Observatory of Audio-visual the creation of a data base on the companies and the existing television networks in the European Union. This data base, baptized as MAVISE is valid by a period of five years (2007 - 2011).

The data base MAVISE must by main target improve the knowledge and the transparency of the market audio-visual, indispensable for the good operation of this market and the different legislations regulate that it.

Project MAVISE will represent the operation of compilation of ampler information never realized on the sector of the television in Europe. This unique tool will allow the European Observatory of the audio-visual to inform to the industry, the institutional people in charge and the public of way still more to regulate, powerful and exhaustive sector on the evolution of the market of the television in Europe.

Actually, the data base MAVISE will be constituted by a complete census of than 4,500 chains spread more in the European Union and both States candidates (the Croatia, Turkey).

In this compilation of the televivas chains of the EU it will agglutinate Pan-European, national, regional and the local ones.


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