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Antenna 3 won 17,8% less in the first trimester
The group Antenna 3 registered a net benefit of 44.66 million Euros in the first trimester of the year, which supposes a reduction of 17.8% with respect to the same period of the previous exercise

The net income grew the 1.6%, until reaching 244.9 million, whereas the gross result of operation or EBITDA was placed in 67,1 million Euros, 17.5% more.

To 31 of past March the debt of the group is 120.5 million Euros, which supposes an improvement of 67.8 million with respect to December of the past year.

In television, the average hearing of this first trimester of 2007 was of 18.2% and all the generalist chains decrease in quota of hearing (total individuals) during the three first months of the year, in favor of both new channels - Four and Sixth and of the set of the rest of the channels, in which it emphasizes the evolution of the terrestrial digital channels.

Within new supply TDT (Televisión Digital Terrestre), Antena.Neox, continues leader in the period of January to March of 2007 and reaches a quota of 0.14%.

Antena.Nova positions like second channel more seeing behind Neox, with a 0.11% of altogether individual quota of hearing. Uniprex, that it includes to the radio transmitters of the group, obtained accumulated net income in the first trimester of a 8.3% superiors to the obtained ones in the same period of the previous year.


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