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Channels, new channel in May for the fans to the videojuegos
It will emit in open through the position 28,5º This of the satellite Eurobird 2, comprising of the supply of BSkyB. The channel will be a good reclamation for all those fans to the videojuegos

It will emit in the frecencia 11.307-V MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 2/3) of the Eurobird satellite 2 (28,5º This), position destined to the British market of television basically.

The last new features in videojuegos as well as the classic ones will have if cabda in this new channel that will pay a special attention to all that PlayStation 3.

To date already they had appeared a good number of channels dedicated to office automation and also to the games, as it is the case of Game Network. In Spain, with beginning d Digital Satelite channel (now Digital+) appeared Channel C: , that allowed to obtain programs and videojuegos. The lack of acceptance of this chain tolerated its disappearance soon after.


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