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Antenna 3 power its two channels of TDT
Antenna. Neox and Antena.Nova, both Terrestrial Digital television channels of Antenna 3, already appear between the five more seen ones of the sector with a quota of 0.17% and 0.11%, respectively

Antenna. Neox and Antena.Nova, reinforce their supply with seven new openings, with which the extreme chain already 21 products specifically created for TDT, the greater volume of all the market.

First it releases east weekend four programs, three of own production, that reinforce their strip of noon mainly. One is dedicated to the world of the motor (“Xenon”), another one to the trips (“They see of trip”) and a third party to the kingdom animal (“Like the dog and the cat”). In addition, it will emit the infantile series “Thomas and his friendly”, especially dedicated to the pre-school public.

On the other hand, Antena.Nova today releases “Desenrédate”, space that it tries to approach the public to the new technologies, and incorporates to its grill the soap opera “the Fox”, that already emits of Monday through Friday 3 Antenna TV. Its supply completes with largometrajes and national series like “My adorable neighbors”, “Manolito gafotas” and “Police”.


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