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76% of which they see TV in the moving body guarantee the system
At the moment, 18% of their possessors only accede to the TV through moving body 3G, whom they adduce like main causes to have adopted the system the gratuitous promotions (29%) and the curiosity (21%), according to a study

76% of the users of movable telephones with technology 3G --that it allows the access them to the television-- they approve the new form to see the smallest screen. According to the study Viewer 2,0, presented/displayed in Madrid, and that they have promoted Telephone, Ericsson and the chains A-3 and MTV, and the three thousand people interviewed in the report they give more to the new televising option of approving (16%) until the substitute (7%), passing through the good (16%) and the notable (37%).

That yes, 18% of their possessors only accede habitually to the television through moving body 3G, and they do it attracted by the gratuitous promotions (29%) and the curiosity (21%). They only make to 2% to see it contents when they are not in house, or to prove the quality of the system.

The study also needs that 24% of the set of the consumers of movable telephony are very “in agreement” with being able to see tele in any place, whereas 22% are “something of agreement” and 28% it considers it indifferent.

What it does not have predicament between the users is to have to pay by the service, a payment who reject 76% of the survey ones. Also is majority those that thinks that still not moving bodies have contents televising interesting for, that is distributed between 32% that is very “in agreement” with this thesis and 22%, “something of agreement”.

The main reasons not to see TV by the moving body are their lifted price (24%), little interest (17%) or because they prefer to watch in the television of the home (11%).


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