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The public television of Portugal lost 36 million Euros in 2007
The state television lusa (RTP) had in 2007 losses of 36.1 million Euros, which represents an increase of 46.2% in comparison with the previous year

The company has informed that the benefit of the public station of television of Portugal got worse in 11,4 million Euros, since in 2006 it registered losses of 24.7 million.

The negative results were affected by the increase of the interest rates, according to the RTP administration.

The operative results registered a reduction of 58%, to be placed in 6,9 million Euros, due to the increase of the operation costs, that grew the 11.7 percent, up to 307.9 million Euros.

More than half of this sum it corresponds to expenses of the programming (12% more than the previous year) justified because in 2007 anniversary of the public station of television was celebrated the 50.

In income, RTP obtained 314.9 million Euros, that include a aid of the State of 126 million and the generated ones by publicity, that 10% increased, compared with 2006, and were placed in 74,6 million Euros.

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(Agencies, 02/04/08)

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