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Sixth it makes a balance extraordinary of his two years of life
Their people in charge hope to continue growing throughout this season and assure already to have surpassed 5% of quota of screen with the aim of arriving at 7%, which would suppose to leave red numbers

Sixth he celebrates his second birthday, with a forecast of economic growth that allows him to be profitable in autumn of 2009 (a year before its initial calculations) and a 7 percent of the market of the television. The past year closed the accounts with a invoicing of 150 million Euros, that hopes to surpass in 2008.

According to its data, the evolution of its quota of screen has happened of 0.2% in April from 2006 to present 5.2%, obtaining its better results with the world-wide ones of soccer, basketball and the Eurobasket.

In the short term, the chain considers between its objectives to extend the traditional band of “prioritizes Time” (as of the 20,00 hours and with series of cult in schedule at daybreak), new products with the format of comic strip (“the Strip”) and new features in schedule of maximum hearing.

The TDT of payment

The delegated Jose, adviser Sixth Miguel Contreras, remembered that the socialist Government “left to slope” the regulation of the TDT that, to their way to see, must include a reform of the public television (definition of contents and slope of publicity), the allocation of the multiplex one, the improvement of the signal of the television and the introduction of the pay television.

According to Contreras, the payment modality is “possible, sencillísima and allows the possibility that all the pressure of the advertizing market does not go to an innumerable accumulation of channels”.
Thus, it thinks that the present model, with 48 channels in abierto, would cause the “economic ruin” of the chains. For this reason, bet by a TDT of payment that allows “to finance products of high quality which they have very difficult location in the market in open, like the sport cinema or spectacles”.


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