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Benfica channel will emit the 24 hours of the day by TV Cabo
After several misfortunes everything seems to be to point for the beginning of the televising channel of the popular Portuguese club of soccer through the orbital position of 30º This of the Hispasat satellite

Thus it has assured it the executive administrator the Benfica Group, Sundays Soares de Oliveira. Journalist Ricardo Palacin is the new director of Benfica Channel, ordered to start up east project.

Benfica channel will begin its emissions of official form at the beginning of the next season of the national championship of Portuguese soccer, between July and September.

Sport interviews, news articles in clothes and contents will integrate the grill of the new channel, that the soccer club luso wants to also distribute through the mesh wirings.

ZON Multimedia, filial company of the platform via satellite TV Cabo and Portugal Telecom (I PISS) have confirmed the existence of conversations with the well-known also like Club of the Light.

What if is certain it is that Benfica Channel will not be able initially to offer the transmissions of the soccers match of the first equipment. It will have to renegotiate, before, the contract that binds with the sport channel Sport TV to him, that has in possession the right of the parties of the incarnated equipment· until year 2012.

The legendary club from Lisbon, that has more titles than any other Portuguese equipment, affirms to own five million fans anywhere in the world.

The Benfica had its more glorious time in the decade of 1960, and returned to crown champion in the season last after 11 years.


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