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Sogecable executes its option by the rights of Madrid
The audio-visual branch quickly tries to control as of the next season the audio-visual rights of both great of Liga, whose operation in television is more profitable

If in the case of Barcelona it can be more or less clear that the Catalan producer will operate its audio-visual rights from season 2008-2009, Real Madrid has a past that is beginning to complicate the things. One is the contract that Lorenzo Sanz, then president of the white equipment, signed in 1998 with Audio-visual Sport, filial of Sogecable.

Ten years of commitment

That year, Sogecable was committed to disburse 3,000 million pesetas (18 million Euros) in exchange for having the rights of the club during 10 years, until 2008. What now it has extended is that the operator of television and Real Madrid agreed to the possibility of prorogation of the contract by a year, that is to say, until the season 2008-2009, that begins at the end of the next month of August. And it finishes thus letting know it Sogecable to the managers of Real Madrid.

Of this form, Sogecable shoots portería of Mediapro that, for months, assures that the conflict by the emission of soccer will finish - with independence than it can be from the judgment that will be celebrated at the end of July the next season because, then, it will be the producer of Jaume Roures that has the rights of Real Madrid and Barcelona, aside from that can be based on the verdict of the judge on the controversial agreement of 2006 July which it has given rise to the war of soccer.

But Sogecable is not arranged to let save that extension of a year of contract with the Real Madrid by which, in addition, already it paid at the time.

Conditions to the fusion

Then, as in this conflict nothing is what it seems, the company quickly is not going to have far from easy to maintain to the Real Madrid and, therefore, the emission like until now of its ligueros encounter through its platform of payment, Digital+. And it is that during those ten years that the contract lasted it took place the union of Via Digitalis (Telephone) and Sogecable. This operation, well-known like digital fusion, was authorized in 2002 by the Cabinet with a total of 34 conditions, effective 5 years, until November of 2007.

Between the imposed limitations several related to the soccer and, in particular, one exist that it prohibited to Sogecable to exert “rights of rough estimate and withdrawal, as well as the options of purchase or prorogation for the acquisition of rights of clubs of soccer for the broadcasting of parties of Spanish Liga or the Glass of S.M the King”. Also a limitation settled down that it prevented that the contracts with the clubs surpassed the three years of duration.

This supposes that, from November of 2002 and to November of 2007, Sogecable it had important restrictions and was then when Mediapro interposed in the way and, with one golosa supply of 1,000 million, bought the rights of Madrid by seven seasons.

More of a year after that purchase, the past month of January, overcame the contract of Sogecable with the Real Madrid and, therefore, the possibility of that one, already released of any restriction, to demand its right to a year more of contract.

(The Newspaper of the Businesses, 03/04/08)

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