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In April the announced change at Nagravisión 3 of Premiere arrives
The operation will tolerate the change of present cards decoders in a great operation that will be extended during three mesos, according to announced for weeks the people in charge of the German platform

The objective era and continues being clear: to eradicate the piracy that seriously affects the German platform via satellite for several months as a result of the vulnerability of the system of conditional access Nagravisión 2. In fact, Premiere will follow the same steps that at the time took to good term the Portuguese TV Cabo and the Digital+ Spanish in second half of the past year.

Although at the moment there is no official confirmation, the certain thing is that Premiere announced a pair ago of months the card change decoders of all subscribers as of this month of April to carry out the total transition of Nagravisión 2 to Nagravisión 3 during the second trimester.

Said of another form, Premiere hopes to completely eradicate the piracy that seriously affects the illegal vision of its supply of channels as of the next month of June.

About 10 million Swiss francs, that in the change suppose 6.23 million Euros, are the total amount that Kudelski S.A. is going to pay in the operation of change of present cards decoders of Premiere by the new ones, which they will use the system of conditional access Nagravisión 3.

The head of finances of the Swiss group with soothes in the locality of Cheseaux, Mauro Saladin, showed at the time that this economic amount of 10 million Swiss francs register in the habitual context of the subjects of Kudelski and it will not imply for that reason exceptional loads.

It will not be necessary to change the decoder

More than 4 million subscribers whom the Premiere platform prepares at present they will receive the new card decoder, that will replace the old one, in an identical operation to the carried out one in other occasions.

The operation to the transition to Nagravisión 3 will not entail the change of the receivers of the subscribers of Premiere. The Germanic platform emits its supply of channels through system of Astra satellites in the orbital position of 19,2º this with a programming of quality, as much of cinema as of sports, emphasizing transmission of the leagues Spanish and English of soccer, to part of the Bundesliga, among others outstanding competitions.

(SatCesc, 03/04/08)

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