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I PISS Satellite, new Portuguese platform in Hispasat
Portugal Telecom begins to commercialize a supply that it includes more than 70 television channels and it allows to guarantee a denominated supply him of triple play, with television, telephone and Internet in the same service

The main company of telephony lusa, Portugal Telecom (PT), announce a plan to reclaim the market of the pay television that was forced to leave the year spent, besides its intention to enter the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT).

Zeinal Dribble, the new executive president of PT, participated by Telephone in Spain in a 9.96%, announces the strategy to cover all the Portuguese territory with an emitted televising signal via satellite, besides which already it has through his copper network, that arrives at 90% of the population.

PT, the old Portuguese monopoly of the communications, had to follow the year last through exigencies of the authorities of the competition of their filial multimedia, which operated the main network of television by cable of the country, TV Cabo.

In return to that operation PT it sent a system of pay television through the technology of lines DSL, that as soon as it obtained a minority penetration in a market dominated by ZON, the mark that adopted PT Multimedia when becoming independent from the first house.

Now Dribble reiterated the bet of its company by the television and the network of copper and announced that with the emission by satellite it will cover the one hundred percent with the continental and insular territory of Portugal and will have “unbeatable” tariffs, from 15 monthly Euros.

The new supply of PT television, that already is majority supplier in Portugal of services of movable telephony, fixes and of access to Internet, it includes more than 70 channels through Hispasat satellite and it allows to guarantee a denominated supply him of “triple play”, with television, telephone and Internet in the same service.

Dribble said that the company begins to commercialize the service I PISS Satellite and the clients will be able to install it from the 14 of April with the rent of a decoder of high resolution.

PT considers their new product with which it hopes to offer, within six months, programs and rent of films “to the letter” and transmission of television to moving bodies high-priority.

Channels in the Hispasat satellite 1C

The channels of I PISS Satellite emit codified through 30º the West of the Hispasat 1C using the system of conditional access Mediaguard 3. They do it through three different frequencies: 12.012-H MHz. 12.052-H MHz and 12.092-H MHz. In all the cases with a Symbol Rate of 30000 and one FEC of 3/4.

In order to accede to the supply of channels of I piss Satellite to consult in the list of Hispasat 1C-1D of UnuSat.


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