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The cover of the TDT in Spain surpasses 85% of the population
The cover of the signals of Terrestrial Digital TV surpasses east index and 51.7% of the buildings with collective antenna already have realized the modifications to adapt their facilities to the digital emissions

Thus it announced the chief of a main directorate of the Telecommunications and Technologies of the Information and Communication, Bernardine Lorenzo, who added that until the moment 9 million tuners have been sold in Spain.

With respect to the hearings, the TDT, according to the president of Impels TDT, Eduardo Gutiérrez, who will enter April of 2010 in force, has an average quota of screen of 12% and are 13 million Spaniards (about five million homes) those who have access to the TDT.

It impels TDT is the Association for the Implantation and Development of the Terrestrial Digital Television.

On the other hand, Lorenzo explained that the 30 of June of 2009, approximately 11.6% of the Spaniards will live their particular “analogical blackout”, and the 31 of December of 2009 the cease of analogical emissions will affect another 19.8% of the population.

“This means that in less than 700 days, approximately 14.5 million people will stop watching in analogical and will happen to receive solely the signal of the TDT”, it explained in the Gutiérrez presentation.

“One of the direct consequences of the increasing importance of the TDT in the distribution of the hearing is the consequent reduction of the weight of the analogical television, that presented/displayed more in February of 2008 its reduced historical number, the 69.8 percent of the total”, indicated as much Lorenzo as Gutiérrez.

As well, the yearbook of the TDT reveals that the past year the number of televisions with integrated TDT surpassed to the one of analogical televisions, being reached the 2.025.000 sold units.

In addition in 2009 July, a total of 1,278 municipalities of all Spain will stop receiving the analogical signal, among them cities like Saragossa, Oviedo, Segovia, Vitoria, Huelva or Las Palmas of Gran Canaria.

Finally, Gutiérrez emphasized that the passage to the TDT will be one of more important the technological and audio-visual challenges for the society, after the arrival of the television, and that the following step will be the process of change to the High resolution.

In addition it emphasized that the subject of the irregular use of the electrical phantom must be solved and that Impels TDT creates unequivocally “in this process” of change to the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT).


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