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Brussels is against the plan of financing of the French public TV
The commissariats European of the Society of the Information, Viviane Reding, opposite is the French project to create a tax on the access to Internet to compensate the loss of income by the suppression of the publicity in the public television

Reding indicated that rate goes against the logic and justified its taking of position, although it is an exclusively national project that is outside the competitions of the European Commission, because the measures would be “opposite to the development” of Internet.

“It is not possible to be worked to solve the problem of the broadband in France and at the same time to add an additional tax”, indicated to the press in Paris.

The person in charge of the Society of the Information remembered that in France a 23% of the population have access to broadband Internet in their house, just over the European average, when in a country as Sweden is arrived at 31%.

The past month of January, the French president, Nicholas Sarkozy announced the suppression of the publicity in the public television, a measurement that would have to enter the next year in force.

In order to compensate the loss of the advertizing income, Sarkozy shuffled diverse possibilities, in particular a rate on the announcements in the channels deprived of television and “an infinitesimal” tax on the invoicing of the companies that work in new mass media, like the access to Internet or the movable telephony.

Reding indicated that it did not have anything to object to a possible imposition of a rate to the deprived chains of television to finance public the audio-visual sector.

(Agencies, 04/04/08)

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