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Cuba will have its first foreign television channel
The Cubans will arrange for the first time in the history of the Caribbean country of a new television channel that will pass on during the 24 hours of the day foreign productions

Thus he has announced it the Institute of Radio and Televisión (ICRT) of the island, in the middle of the alluvium of critics that received that state means in the congress of intellectuals and artists.

Vice-president of ICRT, Luis Acosta, has explained to delegates of VII Congress of Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) that the new channel will present/display productions of a ten of countries and, although did not need the date his beginning, fixed his exit to the air for the first semester of this year, according to indicate the average premises.

The programming of the state television has been the target of many critics in the first days of the cultural congress, in which the excess of frivolity was criticized, boredom, much copy of bad foreign models, one depressed presence of the local production or the anarchy in the presentation of the talent.

In Cuba four national channels work at the moment, Cubavisión, that from the past summer passes on variable programming all the day, Tele-Rebel and Educative 1 and 2.

A fifth channel, Cubavisión the International, pass on for the outside, and also within the country, but by cable, for the hotel network, real estate, foreign companies and the diplomatic body.

But the Cubans abound that pronounces inconformes with the local televising programming and goes to products recorded that they acquire in rent in particular videotecas and some assume the risks of installing an illegal cable or antennas, by that can receive high fines.

The new technologies have mobilized some internauts who agencian the way “to lower” televising serial films and to see them in their computers or equipment of DVD.

The announcement of the new local televising channel agrees with the process of reforms impelled by the new president of the island, Raul I castrate, who for several weeks has begun to countermand certain prohibitions that have considered “obsolete”.

One of the new liberalizing measures authorized the past from 21 of March the free sale of several electronic articles, between which are computers, reproducing apparatuses of video of all type, televisions of all the measures of screen, electrical pots, electrical bicycles and alarms for automobiles.


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